For over 10 years, the BNB Medical Co., Ltd. has been establishing skin care and hair removal for home use.
BNB Medical Co., Ltd. operating in 18 countries, with BNB products sold in over 50 countries.
We estimate that 20 million people use our products every day.



Our focus is formulations for healthy and vibrant skin, developing targeted solutions for common skin problems,
and treatments for skin recovery, rejuvenation and hair removal…while providing safe, natural products that get results. has grown to an international manufacturer with a diverse customer base across
North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East.

All of BNB products are manufactured in the South Korea.
If you are looking for home hair removal or skin rejuvenation products made in the Korea, we are your number one source.
We sell direct to consumers at wholesale and discounted prices as well as private label and wholesale to retailers.
We proudly make our products in our facilities in the South Korea.

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