Dino Plus Hair Remover W-270

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High frequency hair removal method
This remarkable equipment, Dino Plus hair remover creates a high frequency heating about 30,000 per sec.based on 27.125Mhz high
frequency to damage the hair follicle.
About Dino Plus high frequency hair remover
We strongly recommend you to read a manual before using.
No matter how often you shave, there is no way to stop from growing your hair. This obvious phenomenon tells you that there is a root of
hair which makes hair keep growing. Without eliminating the root of hair, you are going to have to shave for the rest of your life.
Dino Plus high frequency hair remover runs the tip of a hand-held device emitting a high frequency beam of light across the skin.
It creates high frequency heating 30,000 per sec. to damage the hair follicle where it is absorbed by the hairs pigment based on
27.125Mhz high frequency principal, so hair has difficulty growing back.

Advantages of Dino Plus high frequency hair remover
1. All areas of body are applicable.
2. With this equipment, you can easily remove the unwanted hair permanently in the areas hard to shave such as eye-brow, armpit, arms,
    legs,bikini line and near the lips.
3. Cordless (DC) operation / Battery
How to use
1. Replace the battery and power on.
2. Pick the hair near by the skin for effective hair removal. (Be careful not to pick the skin.)
3. Make sure to pull your hair slowly in order to deliver adequate high frequency to the hair follicle. (1~2sec)
4. You may require 3~5 times of treatment for optimal long-term benefits. The result can be different.  It depends on the area you wish to
    remove, the hair density and your hair's growth cycle.
Tips of removing hair
Before using it, clean the area with a warm wet towel like having a massage widening the skin pore in order to reduce the pain. Pick a
hair from your skin as near as possible to effectively deliver high frequency. After removing hair, it reduces a skin pore so that it is helpful
for skin care as well.

Make sure to dry and eliminate wet area you are applying
Keep avoid a moisture and wet area from a product when not in use.
Keep the product out of reach of children.
This product is not suitable for person under the age of 15 due to a high activation of regenerative hair cell in general.

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