Benus Laser Hair Remover CW-808

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  • : Benus Laser CW-808
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  • : 129.00 US$

The Benus Laser removal system is highly effective and easy to operate.
It is a diode laser hair removal system, which basically works the same as laser systems used in clinics, but at a fraction of the price of
salon treatments.

How it works
Benus is a personal laser hair removal system that uses a 808nm wavelength for hair removal. 808nm wavelength used worldwide for hair
removal has been proved to achieve up to 80% effectiveness for semi-permanent hair removal by world leading institutes.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal
1. Easy to use
2. Minor burning sensation
3. The effect is permanent, even in areas that are difficult to treat
How to use the Benus CW-808
1.     Thoroughly cleanse skin to be treated, removing all traces of cosmetics and creams.
2.     For best results, shave or clip hair to be removed to 1-2mm length. This helps the laser destroy the root of the hair follicle
3.     Plug in and switch on the Benus CW-808 personal laser hair remover.
4.     Unlock the laser with the safety key.
5.     The laser will be set to Low but you can change to Medium or High power setting by pression the power button.
6.     Set the laser on Low setting for your first treatment.
7.     Hold the touch bar to the hairs in the selected area and push the laser emission button.
8.     It is normal to feel a slight tingling sensation.
9.     Don’t treat the same area of skin more than once per session.
10.   Treatment sessons with Benus CW-808 should be spaced every week.
11.   Most users see noticeable reduction after 3 to 4 treatments.
12.   7 to 8 treatments are required to achieve the permanent results.

Benus CW-808 is a CE certified, meaning it meets the health and safety requirements set out in international directives. Benus
Technology has been proven to be over 80% effective for permanent hair removal. The necessary research institutes have tested the
Benus in order to give it CE accreditation.
The Benus’s laser penetrates the skin, it also gets rid of painful ingrown hairs! It targets one hair at a time, every half second which
means treatment goes very quickly, is very intense and effective and perfectly suitable for persons who want to treat smaller areas. With
3 settings from which to choose, you can adjust the laser’s intensity to suit your needs.
The laser wavelength can treat all pigmentations and types of skin, except very dark skins. The Benus projects a laser which is absorbed
by the pigment – melanin – rapidly generating heat in the hair follicle. The heat destroys the hair follicle responsible for regrowth of the



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